What if I have two health insurances?

In inquiries made by interested parties about insurance, the most recurrent question is “what happens if I have two health insurance?”. To fully answer this question, you must fully understand the concept of health insurance and what health policies are.

Health insurance is the document signed by the insured when contracting with an insurance company. For its part, the health policy is the body of said document, where the conditions thereof, the rights and obligations of both parties and the coverage covered by the health contract are reflected and specified.

In the case of health policies, there is established the set of medical services covered or covered by the insurance, and their limitations or scope. The policy also specifies those services that will not be covered by the insurer.

The latter must be taken into account by the insured, since exclusions are a typical feature in all health insurance policies . Exclusions are all those medical conditions in which the insurance company will not respond. In this case, the interested party can take out two health insurance to be able to cover with one what is ignored in the other.

Based on previous statements, you can have two health insurances without there being any problem for it. The exceptions represent a good argument to contract with a second or third insurance company, since what one does not cover, the other will cover. The most common exceptions to typical health insurance can be:

  • Complications in interventions performed.
  • Delivery outside the health center.
  • Medical actions on the newborn.
  • Specific treatments not covered in the other insurance.
  • Transplants, placement of prostheses or corrective surgeries with an aesthetic purpose.
  • Reimbursement of drug costs outside of covered medical acts.

It is advisable for the insured to know every detail of his health policy before contracting two health insurances, since, in the case of duality, only one of the two insurances may be used.

When in doubt about what will happen if you have two health insurance , the answer is that nothing would happen as long as the coverage of both insurance does not contradict its competition. So that this does not happen, you must know the different modalities in which health policies are applied:

  • Recognition of medical expenses . The insured obtains medical attention and pays for the services. Then send invoice, tickets or settlement of the expenses incurred, to the insurer, who will recognize the percentage of coverage of the benefits according to what is defined in the policy.
  • Compensation. Some policies establish payments for incapacity for work, for hospitalization or for causes of surgical intervention, regardless of the specific coverage of the health situation.